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    On July 14th 2018 there was an attack on both my personal and business Facebook pages by an organized illegal alien hate group.  The original reason for the attack was I require all skydiving students to speak fluent English and believe illegals should be deported.  Hundreds of fake reviews were posted including vile language and threats.

    In reaction I am now sponsoring a JUMP FOR TRUMP re-election donation policy.  If a student so designates, we will donate $5 of their jump revenue directly to the President's re-election campaign.

    But on to why I believe illegals should be deported and THE WALL should block all illegal crossings on the southern border in the future.  First, a definition copied directly from Wikipedia...…..

Wetback (slur) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wetback is a derogatory term used in the United States to refer to foreign citizens living in the U.S.A, most commonly Mexicans. The word mostly targets illegal aliens in the U.S.A[1]
Generally used as an ethnic slur,[2] the term was originally coined and applied only to Mexicans who entered the U.S. state of Texas from Mexico by crossing the Rio Grande, which forms the border between Texas and Mexico, presumably by swimming or wading across the river and getting wet in the process.

​    Early in 1972 I was an 18 year old newlywed working on a Mexican bricklaying crew on the El Paso / Zaragoza border.  Everyone on the 20 man team was a Mexican national except me and my brother-in-law.  The business was owned by an American who had just lost his only son in Viet Nam.  I resembled his son so we were close.  All the Mexicans on the team had legal work permits and commuted from Mexico daily.  My trainer and mentor was Tiny, a name affectionately given him by the crew because he was even shorter than me, about 5'5".  Tiny was solid muscle and worked my butt off.  Occasionally during lunch some members of the crew would discuss the "wetback" problem.  Wetbacks (see above definition) would work for less than the legal alien members of my team.  We all were labor union members and the pay scale was limited by the wetbacks that worked for the other contractors that didn't mind breaking the law.  All the Mexicans on my crew were pissed off that they had gone through the legal process, waited in line, and the illegals didn't.  This was 45 years ago and the same problem exists today only 100 times worse.  Illegals steal jobs from American citizens and drop the wage scale.  They don't pay taxes which fund the American services they enjoy free of charge.  They jump the line in front of their countrymen. They overwhelm the public schools with non-English speaking children that cost citizen taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars each.  They receive free medical care at emergency rooms where, by law, they can't be turned away.  They receive free childbirth services at maternity wards and ignore the bills (see the Parkland situation here), then their

anchor babies go on welfare.  They commit crimes and require incarceration that costs billions each year, all of which is paid for by American citizens.  Hard drugs smuggled in by illegals kill thousands of American citizens each year and are a major source of crime in the US. If you work hard for a living and pay taxes this situation should be unacceptable to you.  If you are an illegal alien enabler business that employs Spanish speaking employees you are part of the problem.  If you deliberately employ illegals you are also a criminal.

    My time with the bricklaying crew was rewarding and highly educational, but all good things must end (after I drove the scaffolding truck into a 15' deep trench).  On Feb 5th 1972 I walked into the El Paso Air Force recruiting station and asked if I could be a B-52 tail gunner and shoot down Migs over Viet Nam.  The recruiter was delighted and offered me the opportunity to do that for 6 years instead of 4, and my bricklaying career ended permanently 2 days later.  Nixon bombed the hell out of North Vietnam while I was in basic training during the Linebacker II campaign so the war wound down and I never got to fulfill my tailgunner dream. But I did get to fly in formation with Migs from an F-15 many times later on...……

    As an American citizen I enjoy the right to voice my opinion on any subject.  I even get to use my business to promote my points of view now that I've been viciously attacked.  The vile trash that continues to violate the laws of this country and tries to shut my business down deserve immediate deportation.  If you share my views please come skydive with some American citizens that don't care about your race, national origin, or skin color.  LET'S GO HAVE SOME HIGH ALTITUDE FUN!