There is no such thing as a skydiving drop zone in Dallas or Fort Worth.  They are all at least 35 miles from the Dallas city center because of air traffic control requirements, and are all an approximate 1 hour drive from central Dallas.  MapQuest.Com shows the Greenville Municipal Airport (Majors Field) to be 1 hour and 2 minutes drive from central Dallas.

We are located east of Dallas just off Interstate 30, exit number 94.  Although we take off from the Greenville Municipal Airport (known as Majors Field) your training starts at the Dallas Skydive Lodge on the east perimeter road of the airport. The physical address of the Lodge is 2241 County Road 3303, Greenville, Texas 75402 however PLEASE DO NOT TYPE THE PHYSICAL ADDRESS INTO A GPS AND BLINDLY FOLLOW IT - YOU WILL ALMOST CERTAINLY END UP ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE AIRPORT.  Follow the simple directions below and you'll find The Lodge with no problem:

    - Skydiving directions from Dallas, take Interstate 30 east to Exit 94.  This is the Highway   

       69  exit.

    - Take South 69 approximately 3.3 miles and turn right on County Road 3303 next to the

       church.  We are 1/2 mile down the road on the left.

If you're coming from the North Dallas / Plano / McKinney area you may choose Hwy 380 east instead.  380 intersects with Hwy 69 on the west side of Greenville.  Take Hwy 69 south and continue 3.3 miles after you cross Interstate 30, then turn right on 3303.

If you're coming from the south using Hwy 69 north, you will need to turn left on County Road 3303 at the church.



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