​​​​​​​​​​ $165 SKYDIVING IN DALLAS


​We come in contact with them every day. The individuals and businesses that enable and encourage illegal aliens to live in the United States. The businesses are after the tax free billions in cash earned here illegally. The individuals are family members or liberal democrats hoping to increase the number of poor, uneducated people that they believe will join the party if given citizenship.

The businesses are easy to spot. Look for the Si, Habla Espanol sign on the front door. Or in the case of huge companies like Lowes, the Spanish / English signs all over the store. You have a choice where you shop and can choose to patronize the enablers or not. Using the hardware industry as an example, you may have the choice of Lowe's, Home Depot, or a small local business. Lowe's is an enabler. Home Depot sells products with Spanish writing, but doesn't post large signs like Lowe's. The small local business is always a good choice if they have what you want. Remember, Spanish on the front door = enabler and you should walk away.