​​​​​​​​​​​​ $165 SKYDIVING IN DALLAS

Matthias, parachute packer in training and lady's man.

Toni, our Director of Public Relations and general Jill of all trades. 


Has over 5400 jumps since 1977.  Tandem, AFF, and static line instructor.


BG has over 2500 jumps and has been a certified tandem instructor for 5 years.


​Packer with 10 years experience, has worked on our team since we opened.


​Commercial pilot, future major airlines 747 pilot working his way through the ranks.

Chelsi is our primary parachute packer working under Bobby's supervision. Chelsi has been packing for us since we opened at our Greenville location 5 years ago.


​Commercial pilot, Certified Flight Instructor, trains other pilots during the week.


Bobby has over 10,000 jumps, including 36 combat jumps in Viet Nam with the USAF Pathfinders and Army 82nd Airborne (he served in both).  He's also an FAA certified Master Parachute Rigger and packs all our reserve parachutes.  In addition to being a United States Parachute Association licensed tandem instructor, he also holds static line and accelerated freefall instructor ratings.

Hank Schraeder

Hank has over 3600 jumps since his first in 1977, and is licensed by the United States Parachute Association as a tandem instructor.  He's a retired Air Force officer and holds a BS in Electrical Engineering, MBA, and Masters in Computer Science.