​​​​​​​​​​​​ $179 SKYDIVING IN DALLAS

So how can you possibly keep the excitement going after jumping out of an airplane for the first time?  How about shooting a 25 round clip from America's favorite assault rifle - the AR-15!  When your skydive is done and you've watched your video, walk out back on the gun range and pulverize targets with 25 high velocity rounds.  NO, you do not get to jump with the rifle, but you can shoot it on the ground.  And if you want to impress yourself and all the neighbors, purchase a 1 pound Tannerite exploding target that will really rock your world for an extra $20!

The Para Shoot option includes a 2 mile high tandem skydive, 3 segments of high quality video including your entire freefall and canopy ride, over 200 still photographs, and 25 rounds fired from an AR-15 assault rifle.

ALL FOR $350!    (exploding targets $20 extra)